Authentic Chinese Cuisine

The cuisine combines homemade tomato sauce, sauteed shrimp, and rice crisps that are fried to perfection. The sauce soften the outer edges of the dish while still keeping the core crunchy, creating a multitude of textures for your pallets to enjoy.


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Hot Pot

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Bringing 25 years of mastery to your doorsteps

Hot Pots have brought families and friends alike together in joyous gatherings in China, and it should be no different overseas. With our special homemade stock accompanied with fresh ingredients,  our hot pot offers a long lasting taste for you to savor.

Yummy City

Rice Crisp

Combining Western and Eastern style cuisine is always a treat.  By adding Western elements to a Chinese cuisine, we're not only able to recreate its traditional taste, but also discover delightful combinations for everyone to enjoy.